A fantastic duo! Bertoli sings with Sebalter at Espoprofessioni

Espoprofessioni programme 2016, is a fair dedicated to guide education and profession. It began on the 7th March and will go on until 12th March. It will cover an area of ​​over 10,000 square metres, about 80 exhibitors will present to the public 238 professions in which it is possible to undertake relevant training in Ticino.

The big feature of Espoprofessioni 2016 will then be: 15 “face to face”, meetings between young people and businesses. The pupils of the final year of high school will be “face to face” with potential employers. The event organisers have built a bridge that connects young people in search of the coveted apprenticeship and companies willing to train apprentices. There are, to be precise 50 companies that have accepted the invitation.

The opening ceremony on Monday 7th March, was presented by Mayor of Lugano Marco Borradori, Minister Manuele Bertoli and Mauro Dell’Ambrogio, Secretary of State for training. After some speeches and a student performance,the moment of celebration ended in a big party with participation by artist Sebalter, who sang some of his most significant songs.

Sebalter was asked: “What training would you have chosen if you had not become a singer and a lawyer?”. Sebalter with no doubts answers: “A Shoemaker! I have a passion for leather and it takes skill to work with it.” 

The minister, Manuele Bertoli takes off his jacket and takes onto the stage to sing “The Boxer” (Simon & Garfunkel) with Sebalter. Manuele Bertoli, a member of the Green Onions Band and known music lover to the point of having a piano in his office, did not escape from a performance on the stage of the event. The duo have already been dubbed as “Simon Bertoli & Garfunkel Sebalter” 😀







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